The Villa of Broken Hearts 7: A candidate ousted from the casting, he speaks out and reveals the reason

The Villa of Broken Hearts 7

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Credits: Instagram @charlesv_officiel

A reality TV contestant has revealed why he was ousted from the cast of The Villa season 7, and the reason may surprise you.

According to her own confidences on social networks, an emblematic candidate of Moms and Famous would not be against participating in The Villa of Broken Hearts season 7. And the more the days and weeks go by, the more Internet users get impatient to discover the final cast of the flagship show of TFX. Indeed, they love to follow the love issues of candidates and thus witness their development thanks to the invaluable help of the love coach Lucie. This time, the Web wonders if a character known to the Ch’tis could also be part of the adventure.

Charles reveals he was kicked out of La Villa 7 – Credit (s): Instagram @charlesv_officiel

You guessed it, we are obviously talking about Charles Vassal. And if Julien Bert, Eva Ducci, Cassandra, Melanight or even Mélanie Dedigama are among these candidates that we would like to see in the casting of the seventh season of The Villa of Broken Hearts, the presence of the young man would also be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, fans will be sad to learn that this is not relevant since the former star of Ch’tis confessed that he was kicked out of the famous program.

Charles explains why he will not join La Villa 7

While a user says in a new question-and-answer session on Instagram that Charles would be ideal for Villa 7, the candidate answers cash: “I opened my mouth too much on certain subjects, it displeased”. We can then imagine that he is referring here to his rant pushed against the production of Princes and Princesses of Love 5 while he had been ousted from the show and Antoine Goretti had finally been chosen in his place. If Charles has also confirmed that we will see him again on television soon, then it will not be in The Villa of Broken Hearts 7.

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