The video of María Becerra, before being famous, playing with her dog in a Guido Kaczka program

Maria Becerra She is one of the most popular singers in the country thanks to her hits in 2021, such as “Lie to me”, and in 2022 she is preparing to continue conquering fans. While Maria, recently separated from Rusherking (although she traveled with him to Mexico) she has been known for a long time for her role as youtuber, now a video from the past has transcended that generated surprise.

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In the last hours, a video of him from 2015 went viral, when he went with his family to the program of Guido the Duck and participated in a game with his dog. The friend of Tini Stoessel He went to the “Special Dogs” cycle when he was 16 years old to try to win a prize with his family and his dog Shiloh.

It is worth remembering that the remix of “Between us” was recently published, in which María sings along with Nicki nicole, James PZK Y Lit Killah, and although received criticism for the issue, his followers have already made it a success.

The young woman went along with her sisters, Geraldine and Ailín, and they had to make their dog Shiloh walk down a walkway with obstacles, where he had to walk on water and then throw some bowling sticks. According to Geraldine, the name of the pet was due to its meaning in Hebrew, “First gift” or “Messiah.”

Meanwhile, Maria only shyly said her name when they were introduced to call the dog that was supposed to compete. The animal, a golden retriever, managed to finish the task and the Calves took a smart TV.

Watch the video of María Becerra in Guido Kaczka’s program before she was famous

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