The unusual reaction of Mandy Moore when reading the end of This Is Us


The actress who gives life to Rebecca felt ‘destroyed’ when reading one of the scripts for the series. She knows all about the ending before it premieres on Star+.

Mandy Moore plays Rebecca in This Is Us.
© Star+Mandy Moore plays Rebecca in This Is Us.

The sixth season of This Is Us is in full broadcast every week by Star+. Every Thursday, a new episode arrives on the streaming platform to move the family’s followers pearson, who for years stayed very close to this story as dramatic as it is inspiring. Its end is about to come, since there are only two episodes left. Y Mandy Mooreone of its protagonists, had a unusual reaction when reading the script of one of the chapters.

The series created by Dan Fogelman He arrived with his latest installment on the streaming platform to tell the outcome of his endearing characters. It is that the fiction that won four Emmy Awards narrated from the romance of Jack and Rebecca as young parents in the 1980s, to the lives of their adult children, Kevin, Kate and Randall, in search of love and fulfillment in the present. Milo Ventimiglia, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz and Sterling K. Brown round out the cast in the lead roles.

There is no doubt that this latest installment of the drama highlighted Mandy Moore as never before in the skin of Rebecca. The actress managed to carry out an admirable interpretation of the same character in at least three different timelines. That is why the interpreter lives with great intensity each of the events that her role goes through. After working on the set for more than six years, for the first time she felt overwhelmed with one of the scripts.

The next episode will come to Star+ the may 19while the definitive ending will be broadcast on 26. In this sense, Mandy Moore was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon and revealed what happened to her when she heard the ending. “After reading the penultimate episode, I threw up. Perhaps it is because he is very close to me personally speaking. Because this was my life for the last six years. It’s like I simultaneously had to say goodbye to the character, my family and my friends on set.”.

The Rebecca actress added: “These characters are also saying goodbye. There was a lot involved there”. Before the premiere of the finale in Star+the protagonist of This Is Us He was encouraged to anticipate how the viewers will feel: “Ehe ending is a bit more like a hug, but the penultimate one destroyed me. I have a feeling that it could also destroy the people who follow the series”.

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