The unusual mistake of a woman during the mass that left even the priest speechless

In the world of social networks there are shameful anecdotes that reach up to accumulating millions of reproductions; just as it happened with the curious video viral of a woman who starred in an embarrassing episode while attending the Catholic Church.

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Through your account TikTok (), the young Mexican Angelo González, who has around 5,200 followers, shared a recording showing the unusual mistake that this woman made when she went on to read a psalm from the Bible during mass.

The unusual mistake that left even the priest speechless

In the scene the lady appears in front of the faithful believers to carry out the reading of the Eucharist that corresponded that day. Everything was going well until the woman mistook the following expression: “I am the living bread that has come down from heaven” (Jn. 6, 51). And it is that she mentioned due to stage fright a popular brand of bread instead of “alive”.

Realizing what had happened, the woman uttered the correct phrase. However, it was too late to correct the error, as the moment was recorded on the Internet. “And why don’t you read at mass anymore? Well…”, indicated the description of the video.

Confusion of the woman unleashed madness in social networks

To date, the unprecedented clip of @angelogonzalezflo got more than eight million views, 660,200 “likes” and 13,000 comments on the platform TikTok.

Some netizens pointed out that “It was the best advertisement”; while others wrote reactions like “Everything to go to mass first and then buy the supermarket”; “Like when you go to mass hungry”; “It’s been 10 times I’ve seen him and I can’t stop laughing”, among other.

What does the word mass mean in the Catholic Church?

The (RAE) defines the term mass as a celebration in the Catholic religion “In which the priest renews on the altar the sacrifice of the body and blood of Christ under the species of bread and wine”.

What are the parts of the mass?

reported that the mass is divided into initial rites, liturgy of the word, eucharistic liturgy and concluding rites.

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