The unusual gift to an employee who turned 27 in a fast food chain

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When a worker completes more than 20 years in a company and, during that time, has shown impeccable conduct, what is expected is great recognition. That did not happen with an employee of a fast food chain in USA, who completed 27 years of working. the video was made viral and provoked the fury of the users of the social networks.

Kevin Ford is a 54-year-old chef who a few days ago celebrated 27 years working for a well-known fast food chain in the United States, whose headquarters are at the Las Vegas airport. The employee shared a video on where he shows the gifts they gave him for his work anniversary.

The gifts, however, were not as expected. As seen in the video, Ford checks the bag in the kitchen of his work and discovers the following items: a glass of a well-known brand, candy, mini, some pens and a movie ticket.

In the video you can also know that Ford did not miss any day at his work center. Evidently, social media users unleashed their fury on the company for the lackluster gifts.

thankful to have a job

Although he did not hide his sadness about the gifts, the employee indicated to who feels happy to work in the fast food chain

“I am grateful for everything I receive. I’m not that kind of person, believe me, I’ve been through a lot,” Ford told . “It was just stuff that they had laying around, that they put together, but I was happy about it.”

In addition, he highlighted the organization of the company and the fact of having a stable job in times of the pandemic.

Users come together to reward him

After the case went viral, Kevin’s daughter, Seryna, raised funds through the platform , in order for the man to visit his grandchildren in Texas. To date, it has exceeded $38,000 and is close to meeting the goal of $50,000.

With the work in the company, the man managed to get his 4 daughters to finish their secondary and university studies, according to the young woman.

the tiktoker He also managed to raise $ 2,000 in donations from his followers to give it to Ford, according to what he highlights. .

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