The unusual comparison between Florencia Peña and The Simpsons for their new program: "They predicted the paper"

Florence Pena a new cycle began on the American screen but the reception on social networks was not what they expected, since many critics pointed to the driver. As is currently the case, the memes were not lacking in the face of viewers’ anger at the format chosen by the actress.

Although during Thursday’s broadcast showed a slight improvement in rating measurements, the future seems uncertain for the presenter. Through Twitter, a user recalled a scene from The Simpson compared to the program called “The whore loves”.

“The Simpsons predicted the role of Florencia Peña’s program” wrote @recursoprivado with a reference to a striptease by edna krabappelthe Springfield school teacher. Many users of the bird’s social network replied to the message and it was celebrated, although the driver turns a blind ear to criticism.

Precisely the questions that her cycle received were material for jokes in the following broadcasts, for which she was relaxed. The cast of actors that accompany her supported the humor they performso it is expected that they will continue along the same path.

Florence Pena, while presenting his new cycle, he is preparing for several theatrical projects. One of them is “networking” that has already started with its functions and the other is the expected return of “Married with children” after the success on television.

The memes for the new show by Florencia Peña.

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