The Untouchables of Pakistan

Slumped in an armchair on the terrace of his sumptuous villa in Karachi, Hasan jokes with his friends, quietly sipping a glass of scotch. A slight wave of the wrist, and a servant comes running to add an ice cube. “A lot of people from our background could live in Europe or the United States. But that would be giving up this comfort. Thanks to my servants, I have time to concentrate on my work without giving up my hobbies.” Heir to one of the richest and most influential families in the country, Hasan never had to worry about his future. He admits “being born with a golden spoon in his mouth” but claims to owe his success only to himself. “My family lost everything when General Zia came to power in 1977. My father was imprisoned and all his property confiscated. I had to start from zero.” From scratch, but with a surname that opens all the doors for him to rebuild a real industrial empire in a few years and marry a rich heiress.

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