The Unknowns are reforming at the cinema!

Popular comic trio in the French landscape, the Inconnus have appeared in the cinema a few times. The last time was in 2014, for a new adventure of the Three Brothers. Bernard Campan, Didier Bourdon and Pascal Légitimus will soon be back for a new project planned in dark rooms.

Les Inconnus: stars of the small and big screen

Les Inconnus revealed themselves on the small screen with sketches, before making the leap to the cinema. The three brothers and The Peers had a great popular success in the 90s. Originally, we recall that the group was made up of five members but it was in the form of a trio that it had its most glorious hours. His members, Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Legitimus, also had a solo career thereafter, abandoning the adventure of the Unknowns. But fans have had the pleasure of seeing them together a few times. In 2014, moreover, it is The Three Brothers: The Return which acted as an event, bringing together more than two million spectators in the halls.

The three brothers ©Pathé

The trio prepares a return to the cinema

Years later, something new is brewing! Didier Bourdon has mentioned in recent days a very likely reform of the trio in the cinema. Then, it was his friend Bernard Campan who confirmed the words of his playing partner at BFMTV. We can therefore officially state that the Unknowns will reappear together in the cinema, in a feature film that remains secret.

Nevertheless, we know thatit will not be directed or written by the three comedians, which is a change from usual. The principals concerned will simply play in it, under the direction of a director whose identity has not been revealed. The project should reveal itself more fully in the coming months because theShooting should take place during the current year.

Les Inconnus could also prepare other projects in the future, as Didier Bourdon hinted at RTL.

The desire to revisit cult sketches motivates him and a return to the small screen or on stage may materialize. A position that Bernard Campan does not share, who “prefer not to go back.”

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