The unknown past of Ty Burrell, from Modern Family


The actor who played Phil Dunphy on one of television’s biggest sitcoms in recent years had an entirely different job before he rose to fame.

Ty Burrell.
© GettyTy Burrell.

With roles in movies like The skeleton twins beside Bill Hader and Kristen Wiegand voices in Buscando a Doy, probably the best-known work of his entire career. Ty Burrell be modern-family. In the famous comedy created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan he had to put himself in the shoes of Phil Dunphythe father of the most popular assembled family on all television whose adventures were seen throughout eleven seasons broadcast between 2009 and 2020.

What many do not know is that, before becoming an actor, Ty Burrell he had a completely different job from the art world. This is how he told it during one of his visits to the program Ellen Degeneres, where he gave details of what he was like and how well he did it. It is that, after revealing what his previous profession was to the world of acting, many were surprised by the unexpectedness of his response.

Before becoming an actor, the star of modern-family He worked as nightclub security. However, his own Burrell confirmed that she was not very intimidating at her job. “I was something like 30 pounds heavier than I am now. None of it was muscle. He worked alongside a guy named Yancey, who was my carbon version only he was African American. We were both better than bread. It was more logical to see us reading poetry than working in the security of a nightclub “.

As revealed, both he and his partner stood in front of the door where people arrived “with false documentation that was terrible”. But they were so good that they did their best to let everyone pass. In addition, when it came to taking care of the security of the premises, they did not do much either. “There was a huge fight in a bar and with Yancey we went outside. We went out and said something like: ‘You know, the best thing in these situations is that they solve the problem between themselves'”he recalled between laughs.

+Phil, the funniest character in Modern Family

Just sit down and watch some of the interviews conducted by Ty Burrell to understand that between him and his character modern-family there are not too many differences. As one of the audience’s favorite characters, Phil he was also the favorite of the screenwriters when it came to writing. He thus confirmed it during a talk with Look who I found Jessica Poter, who worked on the sitcom Freedmen: “Many of the writers saw themselves reflected in Phil. Many were parents, they were more or less his age. And they’re creative, there’s some of that dynamic between Phil and Claireand that the wives should be more focused than them”he pointed out, and then added that it was also “a funny character”.

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