The unknown connection between Encanto and That 70s Show

Disney It has yet another premiere for the whole family and it will be able to be seen in theaters starting next Thursday: Charm. For the Colombian public it will be more than special: the story takes place in the middle of the Colombian jungle and is crossed by many elements of the local culture, such as the arepas in the kitchen or the capybaras that can be seen outdoors. From the musical, Lin-Manuel Miranda had a lot to do with shaping the songs on the entire soundtrack.

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What is striking about the film is the connection it has with an old and beloved sitcom from the late 90s, That 70s Show. The fiction created by Mark Brazill, Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner showed a group of teenagers in the last years of school, while they were going through that stage of growth in the middle of the 70s, with references to the Korean War, the economic crisis and even the premiere of Star Wars.

One of the actors who was part of the comedy series was Wilmer Valderrama, who was also chosen by Disney to be part of the cast of Charm. The actor who knew how to be Did on That 70s Show is in charge of interpreting Agustin, the father of Mirabel, the protagonist. In an interview on the show Jimmy Kimmel, Valderrama stressed that it was the 60th film produced by Disney and that it was a “honor” for him to be a part and acknowledged having “cried” for being part of history with productions such as Snow White and The Lion King.

What did Fez mean?

The great unknown that remained in the history of That 70s Show was to know what was really the name of Did, the character of Wilmer Valderrama. The origin of the nickname had her Bonnie Turner as the protagonist and had to do with an acronym that he saw at his university, where it was clarified that a student was an exchange student. In that case it was not written as “FEZ” but as “F.E.S.” and it meant Foreign Exchange Student (Foreign exchange student).

In an interview with Look who i found, Brazill It also revealed the reason why it was never said which country the character was from. After clarifying that he would never reveal the nationality of Did, he counted: “I wanted to make whatever cultural joke possible. If I gave them a country, they would treat me as a racist “.

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