The United States and Wales neutralize each other

2022 World Cup

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium (Al Rayyan)

USA and Wales: 1 to 1

Goals: Weah (36th) for the United States; Bale (82nd sp) for Wales

After England’s big victory against Iran (6-2) at the start of the afternoon, the United States and Wales clashed knowing full well that the winner of this match had a clear advantage. in the race for the first two places in the group. And it is rather logical that the USA opened the scoring thanks to Timothy Weah, the former PSG and LOSC player deceiving Hennessey (1-0, 36th).

After the break, the Welsh returned with better intentions, but it took a penalty converted by Bale to bring the European team up to the scoreboard (1-1, 82nd). The final minutes were stifling between two teams who were physically in the toughest, especially as the referee added nine, confirming that FIFA had given orders in this direction. But nothing helped, and despite the chants of the Welsh supporters the score remained there (1-1), leaving the suspense hanging over this group B.

Group B

1st. England 3pts

2nd. United States 1 pt

3rd. Wales 1pt

4th. Iran 0 pts

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