‘The Underground Railroad’ wins Best Miniseries statuette at the Golden Globes 2022

The long awaited series of Barry Jenkins about slavery, entitled ‘The Underground Railroad’ (‘Os Caminhos para a Liberdade’), is one of the most praised productions of the past year – and it is already reaping the fruits of its critical success.

No Golden Globe 2022, the production took home the award for best miniseries, having competed for the statuette with works such as ‘Mare of Easttown’ e ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’.

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Jenkins was the big winner of the Oscar for Best Picture for his work in ‘Moonlight: Under the Moonlight’. He is also responsible for another recent award winner, the drama ‘If Beale Street Talked’.

The series is based on the eponymous novel by Colson Whitehead.

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The production is set in an alternative universe in which the Undergroud Railroad, the series of routes and safe houses that slaves used to escape to in the 19th century, is a real railroad with trains, machinery and more.

Cora can’t imagine the world beyond the cotton farm—and couldn’t. From the few things she was allowed to know, she knew that Georgia was not a runaway-friendly state. The colors of the spilled blood and the sound of the slaves’ screams were clear in her mind, and her dreams were inhabited by the anguish of her slave quartermates. In a freedom-hungry soul, any invitation to see the world beyond the fences seems like a crystalline source. Cora didn’t know the secrets that lurked in her country’s veins. Until Caesar, a young slave, told him about the underground railway that would take them to the Free States, where there is no more slavery. Cora will have to cross the United States and face terrible misadventures. But nothing can restrain her courage to transgress the conditions imposed on her – she will do anything to be free.

Help Mbedu e Aaron Pierre star as Cora and Caesar, respectively. Chase W. Dillon, Joel Edgerton, Damon Harriman, William Jackson Harper, Amber Gray, Lily Rabe and others complete the cast.

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