The Umbrella Academy: Why Hargreeves Have Numbers and What They Mean

The Hargreeves brothers are numbered one through seven in The Umbrella Academy. These numbers were given by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who adopted the children. And there are possible explanations for why each was given a specific number.

In the story of the series (and the original comics), Reginald went in search of babies who were born on the same day, under mysterious circumstances.

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He ended up getting “only” seven. 36 others were not found. He trained the children and formed the Umbrella Academy, which gives the series its title. He, however, was a terrible father and didn’t want to connect with them, so he numbered each of them from one to seven.

It was the children’s robotic mother, Grace, who named the youngsters, except for Five, who possibly left the house before that happened.

Neither the Netflix series nor the comics explained what The Umbrella Academy numbers mean, other than a symbol of Reginald’s insistence on not connecting with his children.

But there are several theories as to why Hargreeves numbered his children. The most obvious of these is that he numbered them in the order he found them, but there are elements of the story that indicate this may not have been the case.

The most popular says that their numbers correspond to power, with One being the weakest (Luther) and Seven the most powerful (Viktor). However, the real reason may be a little different, with Reginald focusing on how useful the Hargreeves’ powers are rather than how strong they are, and also how much control he can exert over them.

From the weakest to the most powerful

Luther (Tom Hopper) was given Number One (and so was the leader of the team) because his super strength is a power that, while not necessarily useful to Reginald all the time, can certainly be controlled much more easily than the others. others.

Coincidentally, Luther ended up being the one Reginald manipulated the longest. So, after Luther Hargreeves’ Number One, comes Diego (David Castañeda) as Number Two. His trajectory manipulation abilities didn’t fully blossom until he was much older, making them an ability Reginald could still control.

Allison’s (Emmy Raver-Lampman) mental and reality manipulation skills via “rumor” have given her the ‘name’ number Three, as they are powers that were very useful to Reginald (such as when he made her say that Viktor thought he was common), but he can’t have much control over them.

Then comes Klaus (Robert Sheehan), whom Reginald struggled with, as Klaus was haunted by his ability to communicate with the dead.

Reginald even locked him in a mausoleum for hours to force him to control his powers, but it all only led to a lot of trauma, which turned into a drug and alcohol problem.

Five (Aidan Gallagher) is quite powerful, but he also has an ability that is completely out of Reginald’s control and even beyond his knowledge.

Ben (Justin H. Min), meanwhile, was Number Six, and had the ability to summon supernatural tentacles from a portal in his stomach, which could be the reason behind his death, also something that couldn’t be. easily controlled.

Last but not least is Viktor (Elliot Page), the supposedly powerless Hargreeves, who turned out to be the more powerful brother. The reason everyone believed he had no powers was that Reginald was unable to help him control them, so his solution was to have Allison make Viktor believe he was ordinary and needed to medicate.

The Umbrella Academy has three seasons available on Netflix. The third has already had the first reactions released.

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