The Umbrella Academy: [SPOILER] really died in season 3?

Contains spoilers

The Umbrella Academy season three ends with the apparent death of Allison Hargreeves.

However, not everything may be what it seems. There is a good chance that the character will return in season four if The Umbrella Academy is renewed by Netflix.

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Despite plenty of evidence that Allison dies in Season 3, one crucial detail points to her survival, as pointed out by Screen Rant.

Allison might still be alive

When the Hargreeves brothers arrive in Sir Reginald’s renewed timeline, they are deprived of their powers.

This is likely because the Oblivion machine burned its inner alien light particles that provided powers such as immortality, time travel, etc.

If the reset drained all powers, Allison likely didn’t give her life to power the universal reset, and creating a world where Claire and Raymond are alive has always been her reward for cooperating with Sir Reginald’s Project Oblivion.

Of course, for now, a large part of this is speculation. We don’t even know yet if The Umbrella Academy will actually get a fourth season, but with the series’ huge success on Netflix, it’s quite likely that it will.

The Umbrella Academy is available from Netflix.

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