The Umbrella Academy season 3: fans reacted to the transition of Elliot Page in the Netflix series


The third season of The Umbrella Academy It is already available on Netflix and it is a success. But what fans loved the most was Elliot Page’s transition. This is how they reacted.

Elliot Page in The Umbrella Academy
© NetflixElliot Page in The Umbrella Academy

After so much waiting, the fans of The Umbrella Academy they smiled again. This is because The series returned to Netflix on June 22. with a total of ten new episodes, which make up the third season. And, immediately, the newly released edition became a success that does not stop delighting its viewers around the world. In fact, many of them have decided to applaud the series on their social networks.

This is because The Umbrella Academybeyond its general plot, has touched on another point that was highly anticipated by fans: Elliot Page’s gender transition. The actor broke the news after the premiere of the second season, so for the third season many were interested in knowing how the production would handle it. And, without a doubt, they have done it perfectly.

In addition, it should be noted that Page himself confirmed that the series was going to capture his transition due to the support he received when he announced his change. Well, initially, the intention was that his character would continue to be Vanyabut seeing such good reactions from the public, it made more sense the appearance of Victor. Something that was very celebrated by all the spectators.

It was in episode two of the new season when Vanya announces in a meeting with Klaus, Diego and Number Five that he will now be Viktor.. “Who is Victor?”, asks Diego to which he replies: “It’s me. She is who I have always been. Is that a problem for someone?”. But, Diego assures that he is fine with it, Klaus adds: “Yes me too” and Number Five reveals: “I’m really happy for you”thus generating great emotion among all.

After this, the character of Elliot Page she tells her transition to her sister, Allison separately. “You didn’t notice because I didn’t know either. Being with Sissy, she opened something up in me. She showed me that I would never be free by hiding from who I really am”, says Viktor. Without a doubt, a scene that has generated the highest level of empathy and this is how users expressed it on their social networks.

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