The ultimate trick to dusting your home and cleaning less

Dust is a set of microscopic particles that floats in the air and is deposited on objects, forming a layer of dirt that needs to be removed. Thus, at least a couple of times a week it is necessary to remove it from the home, since otherwise the dirt will accumulate.

And although the main problems of its accumulation are reduced to that your home has a neglected appearance, it can be harmful if someone at home suffers from respiratory problems. It is time to discover the most effective viral trick to clean the dust and make your house look perfect.

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How to avoid dust on the surfaces of your house

A young cleaning fanatic named Manjeet uses her TikTok (@mrsjohalshome) to give household tips, life hack and home tricks, just posted a video with the key to keep home surfaces shiny and dust-free, and you’ll only need a couple of things.

According to the viral video, baby oil is excellent to clean chrome or stainless steel surfaces, and the cleaning expert even uses it to polish your refrigerator door and even to clean a coat. To ensure that the surface does not stay sticky in the wake of the oil, Manjeet suggests remove excess wiping with a microfiber cloth or kitchen towel.

Viral video and comments

It is not the first time that a tiktoker, teaches a homemade trick. Recently a user shared a trick to fasten a bracelet with one hand. While another netizen made another homemade remedy viral to keep spiders and insects away from our home.

The viral video of Manjeet it has immediately exceeded 100,000 views and has dozens of comments.


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