The two original Telemundo soap operas for the remainder of 2022

the international chain Telemundo It has been characterized, among other things, by broadcasting original telenovelas in its programming. However, there are currently none on the air, which is why many fans miss those stories that only said television can produce.

Moreover, in recent months, Turkish soap operas are the ones that have monopolized the programming, even in prime time, so many wonder if their own stories will no longer be seen on their grill.

To the happiness of those spectators, Telemundo yes, he will return with telenovelas produced in his recording studios and they will be seen this year, so in this note we will provide you with some details about it.

Learn about the two plots that we will see this year on the screens of said channel and that promise to engage the public, as has been done over the years.


The third season of the series starring Mexican actress Kate del Castillo was recorded last year and is expected to premiere in the second half of the year.

In addition, taking into account the success of the previous seasons, “La Reina del Sur” would go on prime time in order to reach more people and reach high audience levels.

Something peculiar about the new chapters is that it was recorded in different parts of Latin America, so it will excite many fans, who dream of seeing Theresa Mendoza in their respective countries.

Kate del Castillo is recognized for her role in “La Reina del Sur” (Photo: Telemundo)


It is the story of a man named Ricardo, who suffers the betrayal of his best friend, who tries to assassinate him and thus take over his company and family. 15 years later, the central character returns with a different identity, ready to recover what belongs to him.

In this story, the main role is played by Iván Sánchez, who will share the leading role with Angélica Celaya.

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