The two Carletti of Confindustria, between arrogance and arrogance: empty of ideas, right-handed mentality

The public space he appropriated is truly surprising Carlo Calendawhich with 3% of polling forecasts in their favor annihilates Enrico Letta, to the point of grabbing 30% of the candidacies in the single-member colleges in the field of the Rocky-eyes-of-the-tiger de noantri. Undoubtedly in certain circles, and with certain bourgeois, he still takes the arrogance of a Confindustria official (perhaps with a Masonic apron, if his office was on the fifth floor of the black cube of the EUR) who removed from a conference to a backpack briefing full of clichésflaunted as if they were truths of faith.

In the case, the man who gets involved in the phenomenon of concreteness since he has already carried a bag of an abundantly evaporated Montezemolo and shoots diktat like an overbearing pariolino, with the plebeian tone typical of the Roman generone. The guy clinging to the Draghi Agenda as a viaticum for entry into the exclusive circle of the Bennati all’amatriciana, where to hang out with the Giovanni Malagò (called “melagodo”) and a few crafty ones from the neighborhood who made finance.

But in the face of the disheveled agitation of the haughty Calenda, the silence of the arrogant is matched Carlo Bonomi, current president of Confindustria, to whom whispered boatos attribute close encounters of various kinds with Giorgia Meloni. Who writes this post doubts his candidacies in the lists of the Brothers of Italy: for aesthetic reasons a Confindustria does not apply, but rather he claims to be a candidate. If anything, it would give the availability to a ministerial role in the right-handed team that most presume will spring from the polls on 25 September.

Frankly, who cares about the professional repositioning of this Cremasco dealer of biomedical items, who ascended to the throne in via dell’Astronomia as a perfect melee package (type one man team) in trade union negotiations and – together – a syntonic spokesperson for the revanchist extremism of the bosses, who now crowd the employers’ organization after the disappearance of large companies and soft-spoken entrepreneurs and well-cut clothes.

In fact, Bonomi expires in 2024 and needs an adequate professional position: the ministerial chair is certainly better than the presidency in Lega Calcio. If anything, what interests him is the direction in which the preferences of the leader of Confindustria are directed. Just as the utterances of the former officer in the matter of alliances are extremely significant, in which the discriminant is that agenda devoid of content and meaningwhich served to hold together the interlocking of national unity.

And what do the arrogance of one and the hubris of the other tell us? If on the level of ideas we are in the pneumatic vacuum, much is communicated to us on the front of right-handed mentality, which cannot be more right-handed.

A theme to which I recently dedicated an essay published by the publisher Aragno (Dialogue on the highest business systems) which would claim to update the analysis made by the Parisians Luc Boltansky and Eve Chiappello, ofÉcole des hautes études en sciences socialesa quarter of a century ago: The new spirit of capitalism.

If at the end of the last century the international top management felt the need to re-legitimize their role and to re-credit the capitalist enterprise, in the face of the criticism oriented towards justice and equality in the tradition of the workers’ movement, of autonomy and authenticity in bourgeois subjectivity; the “brand new” current spirit is not only much more transnational than before and characterized by the leading role of investment funds, it has become increasingly self-referential and gratified by the conviction of embodying the true best way. So the characters of him are snooty and his characters arrogant.

Meanwhile, every counterweight has jumped, from the unions on the margins to precarious work. Hence the apotheosis of arrogance in the claim to go to the cash desk and bypass the tax authorities without a shot being fired; and no one disturbs the driver. Even if some protective shield to carry out the escape operations it is still necessary. Do you want to bet that the Agnelli-Elkan will get rid of the conglomerate of newspapers Gedi, with which they exert the necessary pressure on politicians and public opinion, once the passage of Stellantis to the French of Peugeot is concluded? And that Juventus will also be put up for sale?

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