The truth of the “lie”: what Joana Albuquerque didn’t tell about her “new purchase”

The expression “the truth of the lie” serves to illustrate the recent publication by Joana Albuquerque, who used Instagram yesterday to share three photographs and a video on her feed where he shows himself driving a luxurious Lamborghini.

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Criticism is already common in reaction to Joana Albuquerque’s publications, but this time the followers were right. This is because, as explained by an Internet user, the car was not purchased by the former Big Brother contestant as he wrote: “This guy lies with all the teeth he should have in his mouth. The car belongs to Luís Miguel Grilo from Cristelo Covo“, can be read in the comment.

For this reason, Joana Albuquerque was accused of “lying” when transmitting information that, regardless of whether she was joking or resorting to irony/sarcasm, does not correspond to the truth: “This car belongs to the owner of a farm in Valença do Minho in the north of Portugal, 50 km from Vigo, where she is making a video clip.🇧🇷I’m a liar and I don’t lie that much🇧🇷rented car check🇧🇷Buy a lie, this car I know who it belongs to” or “What a ridiculous figure! Fix it but it’s the plow there so other people can put fuel”, are other “clarifications” (and criticisms) that can be found.

In addition to the (several) comments on the publication, Sérgio Rossi had already shared two stories where he showed the car in question and explained, unlike Joana Albuquerque, that it was destined for work since, as we told here, the two were recording the singer’s new music video.

The truth of the “lie”: what Joana Albuquerque did not tell about her “new purchase”

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