The truth behind the scam that went viral on TikTok and for which a supermarket lost a lot of money

In the United Kingdoma supermarket has been suffering countless economic losses due to a scam that has become trend via TikTokwhich many consumers have hung on to be able to purchase products without paying a single dollar and whose history has been causing a tremendous stir among the users of this social network.

The “coupon scam”

Tesco is the establishment in question and was forced to take harsh measures once the call reached millions on the Chinese platform “coupon scam”through which people can get bags of candy without paying absolutely nothing for them.

In TikTok became known as the “Tesco Method”in which a coupon is used (of $1.19) as you stop by the drive-thru lanes to take home free candy. This voucher was originally created as a goodwill gesture to a customer from the manufacturer after he complained.

“The biggest coupon scam in the UK”

Once it went viral, there were thousands of people who, frankly, abused this, to the point that they recorded themselves taking carts or baskets full of sweets to their homes for which they did not spend a pennyuntil the company became aware of this by taking the decision to close self-service outlets across the UK to prevent further monetary loss.

The action of Tesco it was followed by other supermarkets, who prohibited the circulation and exchange of coupons. The scandal that was created was such that the event came to be cataloged as the “Largest coupon fraud scam ever in the United Kingdom by Holly Smiththe so-called “coupon queen”.

on his channel TikTok exposed: “The coupon that everyone is using was originally given to someone who emailed the manufacturer with a complaint, and as a goodwill gesture, the manufacturer sent them this coupon from $1.19 discount. This was never intended to be shared publicly because it is unique to that person.”.

Smith details that there was an error in the Barcode on the coupon, so it can be used almost unlimitedly in supermarkets, but a second code used by the manufacturer lets you know how many times the recipient can claim it.

“Scammers” face legal action

“At the end of the day, when Tesco send all coupons to the manufacturer to get back $1.19 for each bag purchased, the manufacturer will scan this barcode. If this has already been used once, the manufacturer will not pay more. So all those bags of sweets you see people buy, Tesco just got $1.19. That is why they have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds (British currency)”.

In fact, this issue also became known thanks to the fact that not a few users of TikTok they made videos while applying this scam, like the case of a man who got 35 dollars in Skittles Y Maaltesers free. This type of tape has served for more than one to be identified and they are facing legal action.

Another user reported that the police came to his house after applying the “Tesco method”after which it was fined $477but others have been harshly critical of the supermarket: “I’m struggling to feel sorry for Tesco as a multi-million dollar company that pays pennies to workers”.

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