The truth about the couple who guard the body of their daughter in the hope that she will be resurrected

A stranger history he turned viral to the point of shaking all social networks. An Indonesian couple shocked the world after keeping their daughter’s body inside their home for several months in the hope that she would come back to life.

This curious and rare case at the same time happened in the village of Plakaran, located in the province of Java Central. After a complaint from the neighbors, the authorities learned of the disturbing situation. “We have received a report from the community that there was a family that kept the body of their daughter in the house”Moga District Police Chief AKP Dibyo Suryanto said.

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The truth about the couple that guards the body of their daughter

The newspaper He explained that the parents of the minor did not want to bury her, because they believed their 14-year-old daughter was still alive. Therefore, they wrapped the body and kept it in one of the rooms of the house.

Upon learning of this controversial decision, the villagers contacted the police officers, because most of them were afraid to enter the house. According to the portal , the neighbors indicated that the family performed rituals inside the home.

They convinced the family

After the announcement, the spiritual leaders and the authorities came to the house to talk with the parents about the need to immediately bury the bodies. “Because the location is in the mountains, far from the city, we, along with Muspika from the Moga district, went directly to the location,” Suryanto explained.

Fortunately, the family came to their senses and agreed to bury their teenage daughter in a cemetery near their home. Local media specified that the small “had suffered and died of tuberculosis”.

What will happen after death?

detailed that “Typically, these traditions locate hell in another dimension or below the surface of the earth and often include entrances to hell from the land of the living. Other destinations after of life include purgatory and limbo..

What is reflection death?

“Death is one of the most powerful philosophical stimuli for the human being. Every time someone close to us dies, it reminds us, to a greater or lesser degree, of our own mortality. Throughout time, there have been various currents of thought and beliefs about what happens at death and whether there is something beyond it or not,” he said. .

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