The Truth About Red Alert Cleopatra’s Eggs

In Red Alert, Netflix’s newest hit, The Rock protagonists Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot travel the world in search of valuable artifacts: Cleopatra’s Eggs. Anyone who has seen the plot of the film wants to know: are these treasures real? Newsweek has explained everything fans need to know; check it out below.

“Although many are familiar with the tragic love story of Antony and Cleopatra, few know the story of the most valuable treasure of the time,” says the film’s narrator, who also says that the Roman general presented the Egyptian empress with the Eggs on her wedding night .

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The film claims that the first two eggs were found in Cairo in 1907, and with that, the characters of Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds spend much of Red Alert trying to find the third copy – keep it away from the thief The Bishop, played by Gal Gadot.

As the film’s intro is narrated to the History Channel documentaries there, many viewers were in doubt about the veracity of the artifacts.

Do Cleopatra’s Eggs on Red Alert exist in real life?

According to Newsweek, Cleopatra’s Eggs are not real historical treasures, nor were they based on actual artifacts. In fact, the items were created just for the Netflix movie.

According to producer Hiram Garcia, when the film was still the target of a fight between studios for the rights to release, many executives believed the treasure was something real.

“At the end of the meetings, someone would always say, ‘I had no idea about these Cleopatra Eggs,’ and with great good humor, the headmaster would reply, ‘Oh, I just made that up!’ It was a very well produced story, but completely invented”, commented the producer.

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Cleopatra’s Eggs look inspired by the opulent Fabergé Eggs, lavishly decorated treasures produced in Europe between 1885 and 1917.

Although Red Alert bets on a professional narration to lend a greater degree of reality to the treasures, the same effort is not repeated in the design of the Eggs, which presents numerous differences in relation to the artifacts of Ancient Egypt.

In real life, Cleopatra and Marcus Antony were fans of lavish gifts. A recent issue of National Geographic details the lavish banquet the Egyptian empress prepared for her first meeting with the Roman general.

The publication claims that the queen decorated the banquet hall with gold and precious stones, in addition to producing expensive sofas for Marco Antônio’s men.

Other gifts from the couple’s story couldn’t be stolen even by Nolan Booth and the skillful Bishop. Marcus Antony, for example, offered Cleopatra a considerable part of the Mediterranean coast, where Turkey is today.

Red Alert is available on Netflix.

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