The True Family: a moving trailer with Mélanie Thierry and Félix Moati

A 6-year-old child placed in foster care sees his biological father come back into his life to claim custody and suddenly several destinies change. Discover the beautiful trailer for “La Vraie famille”, a drama expected in 2022 with Mélanie Thierry and Félix Moati

The True Family, the French drama at the start of 2022?

French cinema is not at ease with all genres but for drama lovers, there is plenty to be satisfied with here. On February 16, a new proposal in this area will land on our screens: The True Family. A feature film written and directed by Fabien Gorgeart, which seems to be a logical extension after Diane has the shoulders. In the latter, he told how a woman agreed to bear a child for her two best friends. At the same time, she was falling in love with a man, which clearly wasn’t the perfect time.

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The True Family will also talk about motherhood, from another angle, following Anna. At 34, she started a family with her husband and two children. In the middle, a third boy is grafted, Simon. He was placed with them by social assistance. However, when he was 6 years old, his biological father came forward and wanted to regain custody of his son. Everything changes for Anna and she refuses to let go the one she considers to be her third child.

The real family ©Cédric Sartore

A touching trailer

In his new film, Fabien Gorgeart will wonder what defines a mother. He also promises to deliver a touching drama to us. At least that’s what we can hope for thanks to the trailer of The True Family which has just been revealed. In the main role, we discover a Melanie Thierry who seems to be invested and convincing as a surrogate mother feeling that the end of a period is approaching. She shares the poster with Lyes Salem, who plays the role of her husband, and Felix Moati in the skin of Simon’s father.

From what we understand, the scenario will tell how the process takes place during which a child leaves a foster family, with the pain that this can cause on both sides. Beautiful subject, for a film that has already made a name for itself during its presentation at the last Angoulême festival.

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