The true ending of American History X


The film starring Edward Norton and Edward Furlong was full of controversy during its production.

American History X.
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In 1998, Edward Norton and Edward Furlong They were in charge of one of the most controversial films of recent time: American History X. The feature film was directed by tony kaye who had a very difficult relationship with the protagonist of the story, who ended up being part of the editing room and even putting pressure on the final cut to reach the cinema was as he wanted.

In this context, Tony Kaye went so far as to ask that his name be removed from the credits and that they put the pseudonym Alan Smithee, They used to use the projects with problems between their director and the production. However, this did not end up happening and the director was not only in charge, but he was very critical of the final result and he even did it publicly. Anyway, Edward Norton ended up nominated for oscar for his role as Derek.

in dialogue with look who i found, tony kaye explained that he did not like the end result of American History X and revealed how the end would be according to his criteria.“One of the big problems with American History X It’s that it celebrates a neo-Nazi, glorifies him, makes him a hero.”, assured the director during an interview. Thus, he went on to explain how the closing of this feature film should be.

“I would end the movie with the murder of the African-American on the sidewalk, because that’s how you’re the whole movie thinking: ‘But what did he do? Derek? What she did? ‘. Without saying it. And then you show it, at the end.”, started. Later, she assured: “So, people leave the theater thinking what a horrible person he was and not how wonderful he was, that I can have a wicked, criminal life, do bad things, and as long as I’m good, as long as I do something good in the end, everything will be fine. ”to complete that “That’s not the message, that shouldn’t be the message”.

+Where to watch American History X

If you want to see this great late 20th century movie again, you have a few options depending on where you are living. On the Latin American side, you can only see it legally through Movistar Play or you can rent it through the service streaming of Youtube. On the other hand, if you are in Spain you have two options to give play. On the one hand, Movistar Plusand on the other, HBO Max.

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