The tripe banquet with Alessandra Ruggeri, starting tonight on Food Network all about Roman cuisine

Alessandra Ruggeri with Il convivio della tripe takes us to the discovery of Roman cuisine, tonight on Food Network

Alessandra Rogeri makes an appointment on Food Network every Wednesday at 21:00 with The banquet of the tripe. The program guides us to discover Roman cuisine. The cooking show debuts today March 1st and will keep us company for six weeks. Each episode will last 30 minutes and will be broadcast on Food Network, visible on Digital Terrestrial Channel 33. The special will be available to stream on discovery+ immediately after the linear airing.

Chef and owner of the Osteria della Trippa, in the heart of Trastevere, Alessandra is ready to make us rediscover the taste of a tasty cuisine rich in history like the Roman one. At her tables – forks in her hand – a gallery of characters united by two essential elements: appetite and gluttony. In addition to the great classics such as spaghettone all’amatriciana, carbonara, panzanella or chicken with peppers, there will also be authentic delicacies that are less known to non-Romans, such as boiled meat Picchiapò or vignarola. Because as they say: Thursday gnocchi, Friday fish and Saturday… Tripe!

On the web page of her restaurant Alessandra Ruggeri writes: “For my cooking I draw on the familiar memories and flavors that have accompanied me since I was a child: my cooking is simple and traditional, centered on the search for recipes and ingredients linked to the Roman and Lazio tradition, also exploring dishes and traditions from other regions of the peninsula, with a personal touch and a lot of passion“.

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