The trick with baking soda to remove dirt from glasses

Glasses or lenses are one of the objects that can accumulate the most dirt during the day. But this is not something that a little baking soda and water cannot solve, an infallible mixture to clean any surface and material. Today in Mag we present you some homemade tricks very simple to remove dirt from glasses forever.

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The life hacks with sodium bicarbonate They are quite easy to do at home, and best of all, they are very effective for remove even the most impregnated dirt. Like, for example, the lime from the taps, the screen or the bathtub, the grease from the pans or the humidity on the walls.

That is why today we are going to tell you how you can make this combination of baking soda with water to get rid of the dirt that accumulates on your glasses. And it is that on many occasions we are so used to it that we do not even realize that it is there and that it does not let us see correctly.

Dry the lenses only horizontally. (Photo: Pexels)

How to remove dirt from glasses

If you want to prepare at home a cheap remedy and cash for remove dirt from glasses and prevent them from getting dirty quickly, it is best that you follow the steps that we will tell you below:

  1. Take a clean container and add a tablespoon of baking soda inside.
  2. Add the water little by little until a homogeneous and thick paste has been formed.
  3. Take a dry cotton ball and soak it with the mixture so that you can apply it to your glasses.
  4. Rub them very gently so that the bicarbonate does not damage them, remember that dirt is easy to remove with this ingredient.
  5. Rinse the glasses with clean water and dry them with a dry cloth.

By following these steps you will be able to remove dirt from glasses. Of course, remember that you must avoid touching the crystals with your hands as much as possible throughout the day if you don’t want the spots to reappear.

Tricks so that the glasses do not fog up

When we breathe, we exhale water vapor that accumulates in the crystals, forming mist and fogging the lenses. Although this process is difficult to control, there are simple solutions. At MAG we tell you.

  • Apply soap to the lenses: Cut a piece of dry soap and gently rub it on the inside surface of the lens. After that, with the chamois from the glasses, clean the remains and that’s it.
  • adhesive tape on the nose: Put on the mask and make sure it is well adjusted to the face. Then stick a little piece of adhesive tape on the nose and place the glasses on top to prevent condensation from rising.
  • use a potato: This food contains starch, so cut the tuber in half and run the inner part through both sides of your glasses. You remove it with newspaper and in this way a layer of anti-humidity is created.

With this trick you will clean your cloudy glasses

We all know about the properties of white vinegar as a disinfectant and household cleaner. For this homemade trick, you will need to have a small spray bottle or handheld alcohol bottle to mix the following ingredients.

Add a little white vinegar, then two parts water and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid. Shake a few times and that will be it. Pour it on the glasses and pass the cloth that normally comes with the glasses, it is explained in MAG.

How to remove scratches from glasses?

According to the recommendation of , it will suffice to remove the dirt marks from the lenses with soap and water. However, if the glasses have scratches you can resort to toothpaste and baking soda.


If you want to correct small scratches and stubborn dust marks on your glasses, toothpaste is a great home remedy. You just have to put a little toothpaste on both sides of the glasses and spread it properly. After being well distributed, you should polish it with a cloth for a few minutes. To remove residue from the cream, you must rinse with cold water. Finally, dry the glasses with a clean cloth.

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