The trick to wash potatoes and remove soil

  • You will only need a sponge and water to remove the soil from the potatoes before peeling or cooking them
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The potato is one of the most consumed foods in the world, but to enjoy its benefits it is essential to wash it well until there is no trace of dirt left. Find here the best homemade trick to leave it clean and cook without problems.

Potatoes are in practically every meal, especially for their versatility: you can eat a side dish of these parboiled, fried or even baked tubers. In Peru, there are more than three thousand potato specimens, which makes it the largest producer in Latin America.

However, to taste this rich tuber, in its different varieties, it is necessary to wash them correctly so that there is no trace of soil and thus it can be easily peeled. In addition, we will eliminate the parasites and insecticides that are often found in potatoes.

How to wash the potatoes until the soil is removed?

You will only need a sponge, water and absorbent paper to properly wash the potatoes, following the advice of Wellness 180.

  • With tap water, rinse the potatoes and then rub the surface of the tubers with a new sponge.
  • Make circular movements with the sponge and concentrate on the area with the most dirt
  • While you rub the potatoes, rinse them. They should be clearer than they were initially
  • Pat the tubers dry with a paper towel or absorbent paper.

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