The trick that reveals a part of the shower that is never cleaned

The persistent humidity to which the house shower is subjected causes dirt to accumulate in many hard-to-reach areas. Many of these areas are inconspicuous during household cleaning and the TikTok social network channel. thebigcleanco wanted to highlight one of them in particular and offer a home trick to keep dirt in the bathroom at bay.

“Here’s something you could be neglecting when cleaning your shower”says the account while indicating a strip of plastic found in the bottom of door of the shower. In the video you can see how it can be easily removed to clean it or even change it if it is very dirty.

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An area that goes unnoticed

Do not waste time. It’s a part that most often overlook when cleaning. Despite this, you can get to accumulate a lot of dirt with the passing of time. This is why if it is not cleaned frequently, it should be replaced with another, which is not difficult to find nor is it expensive according to the TikTok account.

The viral video has left many of the followers of this account that specializes in offering cleaning tips and life hack puzzled. As you can read in the comments: “I had no idea this could be removed”, wrote a user, a comment that is repeated more than once.

Viral video and comments

It is not the first time that a tiktoker, teaches a homemade trick. Recently a user shared a trick to fasten a bracelet with one hand. While another netizen made another homemade remedy viral to keep spiders and insects away from our home.

The video features more than half a million views, and 14 thousand ‘likes’. Generally in his videos he discovers home remedies that help people in their day to day, such as removing yellow stains on clothes, rust marks on the walls, among many others. cleaning hacks.


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