The trial of the Brussels terrorist attacks turns into a total fiasco

It is an understatement to say that the trial of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, which is currently taking place in the capital, is going much less well than that of Paris, which was held last year.

The box of the accused remained empty on Wednesday morning at the opening of the hearing of the trial of the attacks in Brussels on March 22, 2016. The seven accused detained refused to appear. These terrorists, who killed 32 people (16 at Zaventem airport and 16 in the Maelbeek metro) and injured dozens, are not happy with the way they are being treated.

Mohamed Abrini, Osama Krayem, Sofien Ayari, Bilal El Makhoukhi and Hervé Bayinga Muhirwa refused to leave their cell on Wednesday.

Salah Abdeslam and Ali El Haddad Asufi went to the search room but gave up coming when they were asked to undress their lower bodies, said Laurence Massart, the president of the assize court.

While the presentation on the investigation of the attacks was to continue on Tuesday, the hearing was finally devoted exclusively to the problem of the conditions of transfer of the accused detainees. They have indeed protested, via their lawyers, against the strip searches of which they are still the object while an interim order issued on December 29 prohibited the systematic use of such searches.

Already at the start of the trial, five of the nine defendants had refused to get into the box. We often hear the diatribe of Mohamed Abrini – “the man in the hat” – on his conditions of transfer to the Assize Court: compulsory genuflections every morning, anal searches, blindfolded eyes and “satanic” music in the ears during transfers from Haren prison to Justitia.

On the musical aspect of things, Mohamed Abrini must be satisfied: that is no longer done, it is up to us. However, we wanted to know more about this “satanist” music which was imposed on the detainees during their journeys.

Information taken, it would be the Rammstein group. A German metal band, which is in no way satanist, which has millions of fans around the world and which occurs in the biggest festivals. The group is known for its pyrotechnic excesses during concerts. Musically, it’s pretty solid. Thousands of people listen to this in their car in the morning and have no complaints.

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