The tree was donated to Frýdek-Místek by the mourners: A tribute to the deceased uncle

The relatives thus fulfilled the wishes of the deceased, donating the tree to the city for this year’s holidays. “I hope that in difficult times he will make people happy and put a smile on their faces,” said nephew Jan Jach (64) from Markvartovice in the Opava region, who took care of his uncle with his wife.

“He didn’t have an easy life. He survived both sons and it was at the Hukvalda cottage that he found refuge. He loved it there and took good care of the spruce. He went to the hospital, where he caught covid, with an ordinary injury. Even the vaccination didn’t help, the disease completely destroyed him.” described Jach. Uncle will be remembered as an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer and huge lover of watermelons. “However, he surprised everyone the most with his unusual name. In our country, only three men could boast of it,” added Jach.

Hukvaldy has a Christmas linden tree

They have an unusual Christmas tree right in Hukvaldy. In the village, people wished to have their own in each local part, so that they would not envy each other. So four spruce trees are traditionally lit here, and a linden tree in Horní Sklenov. According to mayor Luďek Bujnošek, the linden tree is right in the middle of the turnstile, near the electricity, and there is a bench near it, which is why it was chosen. “It’s beautiful lit up,” added deputy mayor Ivana Hrčková.

Not only conifers need to shine at Christmas, linden can do it too.

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