The transformation of the week: Victoria Mehault transformed from Les Marseillais to the Caribbean, back to her incredible physical transformation

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Since The Marseillais in the Caribbean, Victoria Mehault has become an emblematic candidate of the program, which has seduced viewers with her naturalness and humor! Victoria Mehault is also always showing self-mockery on her physique, and she made fun of a detail of her face here. The young woman has had several surgeries since her television debut, cosmetic changes she has always assumed on her social networks… The writing of melty invites you to discover below its incredible physical evolution as well as the details of its operations!

On this before-after shared by the Instagram account Little.Gossip.TV, we can see that Victoria Mehault has done several cosmetic surgeries, and the change is striking! On her social networks, the emblematic candidate of Marseillais revealed that she had had her nose redone several times, her lips as well as her chest …

But Vivi didn’t stop there! The candidate also used liposuction where she removed the fat from behind her back, and had botox injected into her face. Very recently, the young woman revealed that she was going to withdraw her injections from the lips, because the product was too scattered in her face … A metamorphosis of which she speaks without taboo! Also discover here Victoria Mehault’s lips without hyaluronic acid.

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