The transformation of the week: Paga transformed from Les Marseillais in Miami, a look back at his incredible physical evolution

For several months now, Paga has been in a relationship with Giuseppa and the latter does not fail to make beautiful statements on social networks. It is on the set of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 6 that the two reality TV candidates got into a relationship, to everyone’s surprise. Indeed, in addition to their significant age difference of 12 years, many Internet users still find it difficult to get used to the idea that there will no longer be any turning back for the former couple of Adixia and Paga … Two emblematic faces of reality TV for several years now.

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Paga before / after – Credit (s): w9, instagram @paga_lmsa

It was in 2012 that we met Paga on W9, in the show The Marseillais in Miami. Former DJ, Anthony Paggini Neuron of his real name, made a direct sensation in this new reality TV and will then very quickly become one of the emblematic figures of Marseillais. At the time, Paga was also very different physically from the man we know today.… Besides her dress look, it’s undoubtedly her hairstyle that shocks the most today. The photo / before after just above is quite astonishing at this level. But that’s not all !

Over the years, Paga gave up his swaggering airs, although he was always a bit of a lick depending on the situation. The influencer has also evolved physically thanks to sports practice and has built a whole new silhouette. Also, the 33-year-old young man has also gone through the box of cosmetic surgery! Indeed, Paga confessed to Sam Zirah in the past to have undergone 3 operations to redraw his nose, but denied being addicted to cosmetic surgery so far. Regarding Paga, he reacted to the blackmail of which Greg Yega is currently a victim.

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