The trailer alone is a horror challenge for many: “Fall” makes a nightmare come true

One thing is clear: “Fall” is definitely not a film for people with a fear of heights: Just seeing the extreme height in the trailer drives the pulse to unimagined heights.

Have you ever noticed that filmmakers like to mix climbing/mountaineering with other genres to attract outsiders? With “Cliffhanger” starring Sylvester Stallone it was the action genre, with the French “High Lane” it was the genre of the backwood slasher and with “Vertical Limit” the entire film actually had nothing to do with real mountaineering anymore with the crazy stunts, that Chris O’Donnell and Co. have laid down.

It’s actually enough to capture the thrill of the unbelievable height to get sweaty palms, sweat dripping from the forehead and downright panic in the majority of the audience. You will surely have seen one or two video clips from experienced free climbers or even from boulderers and roofers. Then you know exactly what is meant here.

Director Scott Mann (“The Kidnapping of Bus 657”) also uses this primal fear of heights for his Horror Thriller “Fall”as the first trailer impressively proves:

“Fall”: a star from “The Walking Dead” is also involved

In “Fall”, the lives of friends Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner) revolve around climbing, overcoming their own fears and finding the next adrenaline rush. But after a tragic accident, Becky wants to give up her passion. If it weren’t for Hunter. She is certain that grief can only be overcome if Becky keeps going. And she already has one goal in mind: a 600 meter high TV radio tower in the middle of nowhere. What they didn’t anticipate, however, are the ramshackle ladders that collapse when they reach the top. With no cell phone signal and no way to dismount, they are stranded at dizzying heights.

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So much is already certain: If you don’t cheer and tremble here, you’re already dead. Speaking of dead, Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan from “The Walking Dead” is also part of the party and plays Becky’s father. However, it remains unclear how big his role will be. Mason Gooding, Julia Pace Mitchell and Jasper Cole also star alongside the three. Not that many actors are. This means that the film will indeed be about the climbers’ death throes for most of the time.

“Fall” will be released in the US on August 12, 2022 start in cinemas. When and if the horror thriller will be in cinemas in Germany or will be made available directly via video on demand is still pending.

As a die-hard horror fanatic, you can surely recognize all of these works from just one image, right?

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