The tragedies of the famous: Teresa Blasco, one of the best comedians in the country with a sad ending

The last 30 years of his life, Theresa Blasco He lived on memories. Immersed in a hostile world that faced her first imbalances, she turned her back on him. A figure on Argentine television in the golden 60s, he became very popular thanks to Claudia, his naive and clumsy maid. “Doctor Cándido Pérez, ladies”.

Such was the success of the Canal 13 series starring Juan Carlos Torres Y Julia Sandovalwhich in 1962 was made into a film. Blasco established herself as one of the best comedians in the country as flexible for the cinema as for the theater and television. Although that was neither his first nor his last role, it was difficult for him to get out of the typecasting.

Daughter of the Spanish actress Mary Louise Blasco and niece of the famous white ibis. He made his film debut with a small role in “The best in school” with Lolita Torres. The script belonged to Abel Santa Cruz with whom he began an intense professional relationship, and according to Blasco, also sentimental.

The actress said that he had been her pygmalion: “I wanted it so much”once counted. “But we were never a couple in the traditional sense, we didn’t even live together.” Blasco she wanted to conquer Europe starting with Madrid, it did not go so badly but she, so radiant in excesses even in the way she spoke, was already passing through the beginning of her shadows.

Teresa Blasco acting.

In 1974 he acted for the last time in the cinema. Daniel Tinayrewhich had addressed him in “The cicada is not a bug”summoned her to second in the cast of “The Mari” a Susana Gimenez Y Carlos Monzon. On television, very few dared to call her after the scandal she caused on Channel 7 when in full recording she threatened to undress and was arrested.

Hospitalized several times due to depressive crises, she returned to the theater in 1983 with the solo show “Live”. “Tell everyone I’m not crazy. I’m alive and I can still tell it from a stage”. In 1995, shortly after Abel Santa Cruz’s death, he had attempted suicide.

Teresa Blasco acting in 'Doctor Cándido Pérez, ladies'.

Teresa Blasco acting in “Doctor Cándido Pérez, ladies”.

She was admitted by court order to the Braulio Moyano mental health hospital. The drama of his life was reflected even in the sad ending, Teresa Blasco died at the age of 75 on Friday, August 11, 2006. His body was in the judicial morgue for 72 hours without anyone claiming it, She was buried on Monday the 14th in the pantheon of actors in the Chacarita cemetery.

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