The tragedies of the famous: Osvaldo Guidi, oblivion took him to his grave

As soon as the news broke, at the gates of the school theater “The thing about Guidi” there was pain, not surprise. The actor’s friends, colleagues and students were moved, but not bewildered.. They were overwhelmed by an outcome that they obviously expected. Without hesitation they said that Osvaldo Guidi was killed by sadness. Hanging himself was the last act of an actor who knew how to be famous, but who in the last 12 years had suffered from oblivion and lack of work.

osvaldo guidi he was a well-known stage actor when he came to television. He established himself in 1992 when he received the Martín Fierro award for best supporting actor for his committed role in “Light blue”the novel starring Andrea del Boca and Gustavo Bermúdez. Guidi used to say with pride that he had been the first Argentine actor to play a terminally ill patient with AIDS on TV.

also shone like Arthur in “Antonelle”the next strip of the pair Andrea del Boca Y Gustavo Bermudez, and although it was his best moment, they stopped taking him into account and only called him for supporting roles. He recently shined again between 1998 and 1999 as the butler of “Angry doll”the novel headed by Natalia Oreiro Y Facundo Arana.

Bernardo was his last big job on television. Dedicated to teaching, he found a job opportunity in his school theater, be it as a teacher, actor, author or director, but above all he found a reason to stay alive. The drama that the 47-year-old actor was experiencing was captured with disturbing precision by Jose Maria Muscari.

Osvaldo Guidi with his Martin Fierro.

The playwright wrote “Human waste” thinking of so many professionals who, like Guidi, enjoyed fame and then suffered anonymity. Muscari, who also directed it in “Facebook”summoned him along with other former celebrities to talk about the weaknesses of artists and the damage caused by not being greeted on the street anymore.

Guidi really suffered what it meant to be scumwhich means disposable. Osvaldo Guidi hanged himself with a rope in the office of his home and school in Riobamba 359, on Monday, October 17, 2011. On his Facebook profile, the actor wrote: “I lived the success, the prizes, the punishment of the prizes. I am the only one who can do something for me”.

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