The tragedies of the famous: Marcelo Taibo, the young acting promise who died in a tragic accident

Marcelo Taibothe youngest son of Beatrice Taibo and the producer Tito Olivero, by profession an actor just like his mother and his brotherdebuted on Corrientes Street in August 1999, with a supporting role in the play starring Raúl, “Shakespeare’s Merry Women”.

A Marcelo Olivero had a hard time making his way, perhaps due to the weight of his family’s fame, acted in some soap operas on Channel 9, in countless commercials and especially in the independent theater circuit. In 2003, Alberto Migra he took it into account again and summoned him for his radio drama cycle.

Marcelo Taibo was one of the great acting promises.

“I think that To all of us who are children of more or less recognized actors or actresses, I guess we must agree on the same thing. I think it’s the thing that opens doors for you. No one knows you and suddenly you can access a first call more easily (…) After that the work is the same or even harder, of which he does not have a known father”, stated at the time.

Marcelo Taibo with his brother, Raul Taibo.

On June 7, 2004, at Marcelo Taibo he was run over by a train at the level crossing of Avenida Congreso and O’Higgins in Núñez. According to witnesses, he crossed confidently when the first passed by, surely not noticing from the long curve that another was coming in the opposite direction.

Marcelo He died in the ambulance that was taking him to the Pirovano Hospital. Since he had no documents to identify him, his family didn’t find out until the day after. Raúl worried because he could not find it, he consulted the minister Gustavo Beliz, married to his ex-wife’s sister, who confirmed the sad news.

Marcelo Taibo with his mother, the renowned actress Beatriz Taibo.

His death hit the entertainment world hard. Dear Beatriz Taibo collapsed. His lifelong companions, actors who like her had seen him grow, accompanied her unconditionally. There were tears, memories and applause. Small gestures to mitigate the deepest pain.

Beatriz Taibo and Raul Taibo at Marcelo’s funeral.

The tragedies of the famous: Marcelo Taibo

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