The Tragedies of the Famous: Juan Castro, the most transgressive journalist who lost the fight against his demons

Juan Castro was one of the most transgressive journalists on television and radio. At 33, he was already one of the most prestigious communicators, but few knew that he lived cornered between the contradictions that that fame produced and the hell in which he was spinning, and that so many times made him hit rock bottom and feel afraid of himself.

near the end and with more than 10 years of addictions, John Castro had become a paranoid person who suffered from increasingly strong hallucinations and that they even made him drink poison when he imagined himself possessed by rats or spray himself with nopusid, because he felt his body full of lice. Those recurring nightmares it seemed that he could only control them thanks to his work.

John Castro He took advantage of his first important opportunity when América TV accepted the pilot for “Zoo, the beasts are loose” to grow professionally fulfill your dreams with the successful “Chaos in the city”.

Juan Castro was encouraged to talk about issues such as abortion on television and even his own sexuality.

“‘Kaos’ is one of the reasons I get up in the morning to work. I am in love with my work. I am in love with my life. I believe that being creative can help save us all. I hope we get the prize.” stated once about the show.

In this way, the journalist and broadcaster who grew up in a monoblock in Parque Patricios, who endured a difficult childhood due to his mother’s illness. At the age of 15 he wanted to be a model and there he began to fight publicly against his own ghosts.

In March 2003, when he returned from Jordan, where he was detained for a few hours accused of espionage, he introduced his partner, Louis Pavesius. In July He was hospitalized due to an alleged peak of stress at the Otamendi Sanatorium and then was transferred to the psychiatric clinic Santa Rosa. In the face of speculation the driver confessed that he was addicted to drugs and that he was facing his demons.

Juan Castro and his boyfriend, Luis Pavesio.

The last days of his life passed between euphoria and deep depression. In February 2004, upon returning from vacation, he was hospitalized again, and despite not having been discharged, He managed to get his partner to sign the discharge because he needed to work.

On March 2 at 6 in the afternoon, the new artistic director of Endemol arrived at his home in El Salvador 4753. On the 4th he would travel abroad, because he was preparing the new season of “Kaos”. He was also studying the offer to host the “Chain of Favors” program, while he thought about doing theater or directing a movie. He lived full of projects, but something happened, and although it shouldn’t have happened, Juan was alone.

After no one could explain why his therapeutic assistant did not accompany him and even his relatives accused the psychiatrist Ruben Lescano by abandonment of person. That afternoon, the journalist broke two televisions, an audio system, ripped curtains and screamed. He fell from the first floor balcony, without reflections. He resisted until the early hours of Friday, March 5, but there would be no more miracles for Juan.

One of the doctors at Hospital Fernández announced to the press that Juan Castro had died of cardiac arrest at 2:30 in the morning.

Juan Castro died in the early hours of Friday, March 5, 2004.

Respecting his wishes, there was no wake, just a simple ceremony at the Chacarita Cemetery, where illustrious and unknown people cried for him.. Surely he never imagined the other nightmare. The one that would free his affections in court in a media crossover of accusations, the exposure of his private life and the raids on the Endemol company and his house, in search of reasons, which probably not even Juan himself knew .

Watch the full video of the program “Las Tragedias de los Famosos”, from Crónica TV, dedicated to Juan Castro

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