The Torah’s mom "Big Brother 2022" stopped a chronicler: "I don’t want us to talk"

Lucila, “La Tora” from “Big Brother”, shares the same strong character what does your mom have, Gladyswho came across the chronicler of “THE M in the street, and quickly stopped him before his queries: “I don’t want us to talk.” Your daughter has several fights with her housematesafter several of the participants who were his allies left the house.

Look what Lucila’s mother from “Big Brother” said about her daughter’s controversial game!

barely got close Alejandro Castelo to ask him about his daughter’s strategies within the most famous house on television, Gladys he wanted to push him away without answers. But a few seconds later, the woman agreed to answer a few questions: “If she has to ask for something that was wrong, she will do it”held.

On the other hand, Gladys pointed out that The Torah “is playing” and remarked that “We are outside, we see it differently”. “Lucilla is authentic”the mother added. On the other hand, she assured that the public “they will love Lucila when they meet her”. The mother also highlighted the love she has for her daughter.: “I love her and we have come to put up with her, my friends and I.”

Regarding the attitude of The Torah to take off the microphone, reason for which she was sanctioned for the production of the reality showthe mother minimized the fact assuring that “in all the ‘Big Brother’ the microphone was removed”.

“Don’t follow me anymore”the woman concluded by telling the chronicler who followed her several meters to be able to extract juicy statements from her, the first that Lucila’s elusive mother made about her daughter’s participation in “Argentine Big Brother”.

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