The time William Levy adopted 36 children

  • When William Levy took care of 36 children
  • Why was it difficult for Laura Londoño to work with William Levy in “Café con aroma de mujer”?
  • What did Laura Londoño say about working with William Levy again?

Although currently William Levy He enjoys a lot of fame and popularity thanks to the successful soap operas and movies in which he has worked; the truth is that in the past she experienced several economic deficiencies since she came from a humble family. The Cuban guy He does not forget what he lived through and that is why whenever he can he likes to do social help, like the time he took charge of the education and feeding of 36 children in Mexico.

William Levy, who has recently triumphed with the telenovela “Café con aroma de mujer”, has almost two decades of career in the entertainment industry. Not only is he one of the most acclaimed actors, he is also one of the most desired leading men for his charisma and physical appearance.

The Cuban interpreter He has shown a good heart by providing social help whenever he can, such as when he became a godfather to 36 Mexican children who suffered from economic deprivation. What happened? Here all the details.

William Levy has an artistic career spanning almost two decades in which he has worked on several successful productions (Photo: Getty Images)
William Levy has an artistic career spanning almost two decades in which he has worked on several successful productions (Photo: Getty Images)


William Levy knows what it’s like to be deprived when you’re a child, as happened to him in Cuba. For that reason, he wanted to give back to life for the opportunities he gave him and decided to take care of 36 children from different states of Mexico such as Yucatan, Veracruz and Edomex.

“I started to take care of 12 children in the State of Mexico, 12 in Mérida and 12 in Veracruz. I try to share with others and what better way than with these children who need it”, he told the Excelsior newspaper in 2009.

The Cuban interpreter took charge of the education and feeding of the minors through the Mexican foundation “Un kilo de Ayuda”.

“I went through difficult times in my life and today that I can help, it would be silly not to, it’s the least I can give back for the blessings I’ve received,” Levy explained.

“My help consists of paying everything that these children need monthly in terms of food, education and also health,” he added.

Not satisfied with the financial help he gave the little ones, William also established a bond of affection between him and the children: “It’s not about supporting them financially, I want to be in contact with them, give them affection, pamper them and not make them a duty more in my agenda”, clarified the Cuban.

One of the reasons why Levy supports these children is because of some memories of his childhood since he lived poverty firsthand and often had nothing to eat.

“I see myself reflected in them, I was a malnourished child and I always dreamed that someone would come and help me and now that life has given me so many beautiful things and that I can give these little ones the security that they will have a good diet, no I want to stop doing it,” he explained.



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