The time Chiquis fell in love with a woman and her mother Jenni Rivera’s reaction

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He is quite a celebrity who has always caught the attention of the public and the media. His private life, on several occasions, has been exposed to his fans, who are always aware of his every move. This time, the singer revealed that she had a girlfriend and told how her mother Jenni Rivera reacted when she found out.

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In early November, Chiquis launched his podcast in English called “Chiquis and Chill”; in which he talks about various topics, from the situation to anecdotes from his private life. This is how Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter revealed that she had a romantic relationship with another woman and how complicated it is to “come out of the closet” within the Latino community.

The highlight of his confession was when Chiquis He recalled what his famous mother’s reaction was when she found out that he was romantically involved with a woman. What did Jenni Rivera’s daughter say? Here all the details.

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Chiquis Rivera is the daughter of singer Jenni Rivera (Photo: Chiquis Rivera / Instagram)


On his podcast, Chiquis He recalled the time he had a romantic relationship with a woman and said that his mother Jenni Rivera did not take it well. The singer revealed that her mother was not an open-minded person, on the contrary, she was a very “traditional” woman.

That is why when Jenni Rivera found out that her daughter was having an affair with another woman, she rejected her and had a bad reaction.

“My mother was a very open and tough woman in some aspects of her life,” Chiquis revealed in said broadcast. “I had a girlfriend at 23, I talk about this in my book, [mi mamá] he realized because my sister told him ”, he added.

Janney Marín Rivera, the singer’s real name, said that she tried to explain her sexual orientation to her mother, but could not bend her. “It is difficult, because I had never said this openly. I never wanted to make my mom look bad. We all have to respect the thoughts and feelings of others and [entender] the way she was raised, ”she confessed.

After her confession, Chiquis recalled that her mother threatened to throw her out of her house at 23 years old. “If you want to be gay. If you want to be with this girl, then you have to leave the house and you will lose all the benefits that you have as my daughter ”, was Jenni’s ultimatum, according to the influencer.

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In addition, Chiquis recalled that he explained to his mother how he felt about his girlfriend since he had never felt any pressure with her to have sex, something that he was especially grateful for after having been a victim of sexual abuse.

“I’ll never forget… ‘But I love this girl, you know.’ And the strange thing is, he didn’t even have a sexual thing with this girl. It was all mental and I felt different and didn’t feel the pressure – because I was sexually abused – to have sex. There was no sex. We just kissed and held hands and I felt like, ‘Oh, someone wants me without wanting to touch me, you know, in a sexual way,’ ”she said.

Chiquis revealed that he has been attracted to women, but he also feels a lot of admiration for them as people and for his body.

“I always say this, I think I’m like 20% lesbian. I drink some vodka and I feel like I only want to kiss girls, “explained the artist.

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