The time Aleks Syntek was kidnapped and ended up giving his captors autographs

As a singer known in different parts of the world, aleks sintek has experienced a large number of anecdotes of all kinds, but there is one of them that can beat many and that stands out above others, because in it there is an amalgam of feelings such as fear and humor, which would not make sense unless Let him tell it himself to find out what happened.

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Precisely the Mexican artist has spoken again of this particular fact that continues to surprise all his fans and also his detractors, since it is unusual for something like this to happen and that everything ends up being something that becomes funny. And it is that the 52-year-old singer-songwriter recounted about a small kidnapping that he experienced.

The funny thing comes at the moment, in which the criminals recognize him and decide to ask for his autographs because they were his admirers. He even had to sign some records that he had with him at the time.

Aleks Syntek spoke about a peculiar anecdote when he was kidnapped for a few minutes (Photo: Getty Images)


During Omar Chaparro’s “Tu-Night” program, the Mexican singer recalled when he was the victim of a robbery and kidnapping for a few minutes, which ended in a funny way, so to speak, due to what the criminals did when they recognized his turn victim.

“I came in the car and they closed me in, they got out of their car with guns and got into the car. Then they took me to withdraw money from ATMs”were his first words when remembering the curious anecdote.

Until that moment, none of the assailants had realized that they were kidnapping aleks sintekso the robbery was developing according to what they had planned, until they realized a particular detail.


One of the robbers realized that there were several CDs inside the car, so he asked Syntek why there were so many CDs in his vehicle, forcing him to answer that he was a singer.

Upon receiving that response, the assailants noticed that their victim was Aleks Syntek and asked for autographs, turning the whole moment of tension into something very strange for the singer.

“’Are you Aleks Syntek?’ they asked me and I answered yes. ‘Well, sign the record for us, the autograph.’ And they made me sign them for my favorite assailant… well, what are you doing now?commented the artist between laughs.

Luckily for him, the incident did not escalate and he was able to get out of that situation without injury.

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