The thrilling drama that promises to win over Netflix fans

Get your tissues ready: The family drama Back to Earth has everything to leave Netflix subscribers with tears in their eyes. Newcomer to the Brazilian catalog of Netflixthe Swiss series already guarantees praise from specialized critics, mainly for its sensitive plot and full of emotional moments.

Originally released in 2021, Back to Earth – Neumattin the original title – is a production by Swiss filmmaker Marianne Wendt.

Since its original debut, Back to Earth has established itself as a “critical darling”. at the festival Schweizer Fernsehfilmpreis of Swiss TV, the series took home the awards for Best Actor and Best Actress.

We explain below everything you need to know about the exciting plot and cast of Back to Earth on Netflix.

Discover the exciting series Back to Earth on Netflix

The mood of Back to Earth can already be compared to that of other exciting Netflix hits, such as the excellent miniseries Maid.

“Inheriting his father’s farm, business consultant Michi Wyss must confront his rural past to secure his family’s future,” reads the official synopsis of Back to Earth on Netflix.

The heartwarming plot begins when protagonist Michi Wyss’ father commits suicide – which forces the young man to return to his hometown and take over the family business.

According to an expert review analysis, the transfer of responsibility from one generation of the family to the next makes Back to Earth a fascinating series.

In the plot of the Swiss production, the protagonist Michi must choose between saving the family farm or focusing on his own career.

Returning to his homeland, Michi is also forced to deal with the intolerance and prejudice of the rural community. In the small town, no one knows that the new farmer is gay.

In this way, Back to Earth also offers Netflix subscribers a hard and realistic look at the suffering shared by LGBTQIA+ people. In other words: the series is very different from Heartstopper, another success of the platform.

The cast of Back to Earth is led by Julian Koechlin in the role of protagonist Michi.

Little known by international audiences, the actor is in series such as Mario and Der Zürich-Krimi.

The cast of the drama series also includes Benito Bause (Joel Bachmann), Roeland Wiesnekker (Martin Halter), Rachel Braunschweig (Kathartina Wyss), Sophie Hutter (Sarah Wyss), Jerôme Humm (Lorenz Wyss), Anouk Petri (Angelina Wyss), Miriam Maertens (Caroline Mosse), Judith Hoffman (Ursula Halter) and Nicola Perot (Dome Boveri).

Back to Earth is now available on Netflix’s Brazilian catalog. See the trailer below.

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