The Three Brothers: these cut scenes from the cult comedy that you must have seen

“Les Trois Frères” is one of those cult French comedies that we never tire of seeing. But do you know the cut scenes of the film of the Unknowns?

The Three Brothers: the cult comedy of the 90s

In France, the 1990s were dominated by French comedies that are still cult today like Visitors (1993) or again An Indian in the city (1994). The year 1995 is marked by immense success strangers at the cinema in The three brothers. Indeed, the film directed by Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan has accumulated nearly 7 million admissions (the biggest success of year 1995). The following year, the feature film was even awarded the César for best first work.

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The Three Brothers © TF1 Films Production

The pitch?

On the same day, three men discover that they are brothers and inherit 3 million. But ten days later, the inheritance is diverted … and the galley begins for three brothers who do not care to be brothers.

Discover the cut scenes of the Three Brothers

The comedy contains its share of replicas and cult scenes. One thinks in particular of that of the rave party (Bambi is sleeping), or that of the dinner with the neighbors (but I love the abstract!). But other scenes could have been included. Check out a few selected tracks below.

The public Garden

With little Juliet …

The bakery

Oh how beautiful your cakes are!

The job interview

Humor, I specify!

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Le fast-food

Gas station

You have to be irreproachable!

The travel agency

Martinique? Jamaica?

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