The thief was playing Santa Claus: Stuck in the chimney!

It all started on Saturday at half past three in the morning, when an unnamed resident of the family house called the police because he heard strange noises from his roof. The police did not find anything suspicious on the spot, so they drove back to the station. An hour later, however, they were back on the spot, as residents said they could hear human moans from behind the walls. And he wasn’t wrong! The officers thought of climbing to the roof, where they found that the upper part of the chimney had been removed and a paw was stuck inside …

With the help of firefighters, they dismantled the chimney brick by brick for more than an hour, and they only managed to get the men out thanks to the hole they had to cut down in the wall. That didn’t please the owner … In any case, the alleged thief was taken to the hospital with a police escort with minor injuries. And although he has not yet been formally charged with attempted theft, he will at least have to pay for the damage he has caused.

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