‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’: Game will be extremely faithful to the 1974 film; Check out the video!

the producer Gun Interactive released an amazing new video showcasing the game’s fidelity to the classic movie’s iconic locations.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘, from 1974.

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It is worth remembering that the legendary Kane Hodderwho played Jason Voorhees in SIX films in the franchise’Friday 13‘ will bring Leatherface to life in the game.

Beyond, Scout Taylor-Compton, Kristina Klebe and Sean Whalen have also been confirmed as playable characters.

Set BEFORE the events of the original film, the game will feature several different maps, including the House of Leatherface and the Gas Station.

In an official statement, the Gun Interactive revealed new details about the game’s gameplay: “You can’t kill assassins in this game. During ‘Friday the 13th’, there will be no weapons. There won’t be a big combat system where you can attack Leatherface. This game is about survival. There will be small ways to defend themselves, but the survivor will not be able to pick up a baseball bat to attack Leatherface. The beauty of the original movie is that unless you’re driving a truck, you don’t kill any of the killers in the story.”

The game will have a very different structure from other asymmetrical horror games such as ‘dead by daylight‘, ‘Friday the 13th: The Game‘ and ‘VHS‘, who only have one killer per game against a handful of potential victims.

“’The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ is more than just Leatherface, and the asymmetrical structure will reflect that. We don’t want to play the same game twice. You need to innovate or imitate, and I don’t need to tell you what makes a game better. And what will we bring again? Well, this game will have three assassins versus four survivors. All mechanics are built around this asymmetrical structure. Also, when you look at the 1974 movie, you’ll notice that there’s a whole family of cannibals – not just Leatherface. So it felt like a natural choice to have three killers hunting the victims.” stated Wes Keltnerpresident of Gun Interactive.

Check out the game trailer:

Unfortunately, there is no release date yet.

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