The terrifying viral video that shows why it is a bad idea to fry frozen turkey

This November 24, USA will celebrate Thanksgiving, the festivity before Christmas and the dish par excellence is turkey, but you have to be very careful when preparing this dish, because a video of Youtube it doesn’t show how dangerous it is to fry this bird while it’s still frozen.

Don’t Make This Turkey Frying Mistake

And there are many ways to cook turkey: bake it or use a slow cooker, but you can also fry it, so if the latter is your option, it will be essential that it be completely thawed, otherwise you could get a horrifying surprise that could end in tragedy.

the channel of YoutubeVoice of America” shows us the terrible consequences of this by showing a group of phoenix fire department who in 2019 decided to fry a frozen turkey outdoors a day after thanksgiving. When placed in the container with boiling oil, when the animal’s skin came into contact with this element, it exploded, generating huge columns of fire.

Watch the viral video here

The men’s reaction was immediate. away from the place as fast as they could while the black smoke rose higher and higherbut shortly after the flames went out, so many people who saw the footage were impressed, going to the comment box where more than a few tried to explain what they saw.

“Posted the day after Thanksgiving? Brilliant”, “and you show this the day after Thanksgiving when many cook turkey”, “done in 60 seconds”, “watch out for that exploding thing”.

But, it is not the first time that this has been done “experiment”, previously, the Gulfport Fire Department, mississippishared on Facebook how dangerous it is to cook this frozen bird: “We put in a frozen turkey and it immediately thaws. The water from the turkey causes the oil in the fryer to catch fire.”explained Billy KellyFireman’s boss.

What does science say about frying a frozen turkey?

According to The Scientific Americanoil and water can cause explosions if combined at different densities.

For his part, he New York Fire Department reveals that, annually, turkey fryer accidents have caused 60 injuries, 5 deaths Y over 15 million dollars in property damage.

Faced with the option of fry the turkeyfirefighters recommend making sure you are completely thawed, do not fill the fryer with oil, wear gloves to protect your hands Y safety glasses for the eyes during cooking.

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