The terrible messages that Wanda Nara found from China Suárez for Mauro Icardi: "It warms me that I …"

While only a preview of the full interview of Susana gimenez a Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi for the scandal with the China Suarez, the little they said helped to uncover more information provided by Yanina Latorre.

Although Angel de Brito he had anticipated some of the controversial messages that the PSG footballer had received from the former protagonist of “Almost angels“On Wednesday morning they revealed the hot insinuation that China sent to Icardi in a yoga pose … ¡hot!

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According to the driver of “The Morning Angels“The message from the actress that bothered Wanda the most, in addition to the risque tone, was in which she assured that”You are going to separate from your wife“. This message contradicts the defense of China in which he expressed that he thought that Nara and Icardi had already ended their relationship. Another detail that China sent to Rosario by chat is that it hurt to see him with Wanda“.

The message from China Suárez to Mauro Icardi.

The message from China Suárez to Mauro Icardi.

The message from China Suárez to Mauro Icardi.

However, the message from China Suárez that broke with everything and left everyone with their mouths open, according to Yanina Latorre, it was a photograph that he sent in a spicy yoga pose, which consisted of being with his legs spread and looking down, and he wrote: “It warms me that they end me inside“.

Look at all the details about the hot messages from China Suárez to Mauro Icardi!

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