The terrible experience of a young woman after jumping from an inflatable: she almost ran out of walking

All games have instructions and recommendations before using it, but many times we ignore it and, like this case, we end up regretting it. This young Peruvian woman can attest to this when she thinks that nothing would happen to her by jumping into an inflatable, but she almost didn’t walk when she didn’t follow the precautions. Your history made viral on TikTok and generated various reactions about it.

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Her name is Alexa and last November she had a terrible experience after jumping from an inflatable. The woman did not follow the staff’s recommendations on how to fall herself and she began to feel unwell.

According to the account in the viral video that he shared on TikTok, he could not move his neck or legs and immediately went to the emergency room to be prescribed something for the pain.

“The doctor told me it had been a hard fall”indicated the 23-year-old girl, who revealed that she had four CT scans and was surprised that she had spinal cord trauma.

What happened after? They told her that she had to remain under observation for the next 48 hours, in a room without being able to move a hair or a limb due to the severe pain she suffered.

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@alexavarea20 I never thought this would be something so serious ☹️ thanks to everyone who was with me and cared about me ❤️ 🩹 #greenscreen #fypppppppppppppppppppppppp #drop #foryou #pain #fypシ #childish games #blow #fypシ ♬ use this if you’re gay – alex ◡̎

”The neurosurgeon came and told him that it would have been worse. I could be left without walking for a few months ”, projection. Her medicine was changed every day and she was constantly sedated.

There was always someone who helped her relieve herself, bathe her, eat, among other things. After a few days of ordeal, she was discharged but she had to wear a neck brace for a long time and go to controls to find out how her spine was doing.

User reactions

As expected, the clip generated all kinds of reactions about it. The vast majority of users stated that the young woman did not follow the precautions on how to use the children’s game and it is for her to become aware next time.

Faced with the rain of criticism, Alexa responded to some comments in which she acknowledged not following the precautions nor did she think of suing the company.

“I knew how I should throw myself, but my nerves got the better of me. It can happen to anyone.” specified the young woman, who revealed that before launching she was practicing how to hold her legs, but her nerves played against her.

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