The terrible accident of Jimena Barón in a restaurant and the unusual reaction of a waiter: "Nor did he ask me how …"

In a great moment of your professional career and personal journey, Jimena Baron shows all the details of your life with your child Morrison and his friends through his social networks to include his more than 5.8 million followers.

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Through thick and thin, the jury of “ShowMatch: The Academy“He related the difficult moment he lived during a dinner in a restaurant and the unexpected reaction he received from the staff of workers there.

Last night I fell in the middle of a restaurant, I quickly crossed one leg and raised my hands like artistic gymnastics and the waiter didn’t even ask me how I was doing, he said: WHAT AN ARTIST! And followed. I was fine, you can see it, because I actually became a cajeta“, wrote “The Cobra“outraged on her Twitter account.

Before the artist’s account, a user shared an edition of how he imagined the fall of Barón, in the image and likeness of a dancer: ”
Falling in style is called“. Jimena echoed the response of her follower and added:”
It was very similar! I just wasn’t that fine dressed“.


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