The tension does not drop: Cyril Hanouna in turn announces a complaint against the deputy Louis Boyard

Cyril Hanouna announced in turn that he was going to sue for “defamation” the deputy LFI Louis Boyard, who himself had announced earlier on Monday a complaint against the insults of the host in the program Touche pas à mon poste on Thursday evening. “And know that we too will take action. And we will attack for what he may have said, defamation, and all the defamation he had against us,” Hanouna said on the air.

In a press conference at the National Assembly on Monday, Louis Boyard announced that he would “file a complaint” for the insults of Cyril Hanouna. “The omnipotence of Hanouna who thinks he can insult and intimidate a person because he criticizes his boss is inadmissible”, launched Louis Boyard, without specifying the reason for his complaint. “Whether you are a deputy or not, a presenter does not have to insult someone live for having criticized the owner of his channel” C8, Vincent Bolloré, insisted the Insoumis deputy.

Live exchanges between Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard, former columnist for “Touche Pas à mon poste” (TPMP), had degenerated when the second accused the “five richest people” in France of “impoverishing Africa” , citing in particular Vincent Bolloré, owner of the Canal+ group. “You are a shit” retorted the host, after having called the deputy “moron”, “buffoon” and “con”.

Hanouna retaliates

Returning to the air Monday evening for the first time since the algarade, Cyril Hanouna reiterated the half-regrets he had expressed during the weekend. “On the sequence, I do not apologize at all” but “I regret the insulting remarks”, he said. “Louis Boyard only came with one objective: to attack TPMP, to attack our group and our shareholder. He had planned everything and he had premeditated everything. He betrayed us, he lied to us and that’s the worst part. He said some very serious things.” The host announced that he was going to file a complaint for defamation against Louis Boyard.

All the show’s columnists flew to the aid of their leader, criticizing their former colleague. “When we do this job and we have reached out to you (…) I find it incredible, there are things that are not done,” said Benjamin Castaldi. “You helped a lot” Louis Boyard by hiring him on the show, “he should rather say thank you, it is thanks to you that he was elected deputy”, for example affirmed Bernard Montiel.

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LFI considers boycotting TPMP

Cyril Hanouna and other columnists noted that Jean-Luc Mélenchon and other LFI figures had not spoken on the case. “The left, they don’t want to send us” representatives after this affair, but “it will change quickly, we hope it will change tomorrow”, launched Cyril Hanouna. According to the host, LFI officials will meet on Tuesday to decide whether to boycott TPMP in the future.

“I’m for going to shows that give us a voice, as long as we have the right to say what we want. Even among TPMP viewers, people were shocked. But they won’t stop watching,” said an LFI deputy, on condition of anonymity.

Boyard offers Hanouna “a debate on Bolloré”

Monday, during his press conference, Louis Boyard again pointed the finger at Vincent Bolloré, “the incarnation of Françafrique” according to him. “It is essential that the media maintain their independence from these billionaires,” said the LFI deputy. Louis Boyard recalled that his group has tabled a bill to “put an end to concentration in the media”, by “limiting shareholders’ access to the capital of the major media through a right of approval”.

He also asked the President of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet “to open a commission of inquiry into media concentration and more specifically into the financing of the Bolloré empire”. He finally proposed to Cyril Hanouna to “organize a debate” in his program “about the actions of Bolloré in Africa”.


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